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Riskas Snickeri was founded 1980
From the beginning, boat and ship fittings have been our main products

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riskas snickeri 40 år


Swan 48 interior
Swan 48
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Ocean Explorer 72
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swan 65
Swan 65 for Nautor
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Ocean Explorer C-6002
Ocean Explorer C-6002 Cygnus Cygnus
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Swan 65 interior
Interior for Swan 65
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Sargo 28 interior parts
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Our objective to day  is to be one of Finland's leading furnishing carpentry who give priority to quality and delivery safety. What demands is a genuine craft knowledge mixed with the latest development in technology and a network of other carpentry's what makes it possible for us together to undertake big series and big projects..

Bernt Riska Bernt Riska CEO
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Ocean quality systems

Some time ago we formed the new company, Ocean Quality Systems along with 3 other suppliers in the marine industry. The idea is that we wanted to take advantage of the expertise available in the district in the marine industry without competing with existing companies available.

Catamaran C-6001

We manufacture Catamaran sailboats and our first sailboat is on the sea and second one under construction in Jakostad, follow the projectet at Ocean Qualitys Systems website